5 FAQs After Your ESTA Application

esta usaQuestions of how, when, where, and what has always been asked before or even while doing something specific. People often fail to realize that some of the most critical inquiries are those that happen after the action. Here are answers concerning essential questions about ESTA application to the USA.

Is My Information Secure?

Websites that provide access to application forms for ESTAs are under the rules and regulations of the United States Privacy Act. They employ advanced technology that prevents unauthorized access to private data that ensures the privacy of your given information.

How Long is My Information Stored?

Since your ESTA was valid and approved, data will remain active for two years, or until your passport expires. The data will then be archived for twelve years by The Department of Head and Security (DHS) to allow a limited number of law officials retrieval of the information.

How Do I Check if my ESTA was Approved?

You can visit the website you applied for online, and perform a regular status check. After showing your approved status, you will need to printout a copy for ESTA verification in the USA.

How Long Can I Travel to the USA with an ESTA?

The maximum number of days you are permitted to stay is 90. A visa is needed if you intend to stay longer. If your ESTA expires before leaving the country, you don’t have to worry. You aren’t required to apply for another one, although you will need to retrieve a new ESTA USA if you prefer to travel again.

Is This Assurance Enough to Enter The USA?

Unfortunately, ESTA is not a guarantee. It will give you authorized permission to travel there, yes. But all passengers are to be inspected by the American Border Guard upon arrival at the airport. These officers under the “Customs and Border Protection” get to decide whether or not you are allowed to enter and stay.

Although applying for an ESTA may be quick and easy, complications only arise when false information is given, and instructions aren’t properly followed. Strict consideration of the rules and regulations are also of paramount importance. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions and always make sure to check and recheck if any mistakes were made to assure yourself a smooth and secure passage to the United States.